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Thing 3 – Visual Learning

Thing 3 was all about visual learning. Resources for graphic organizers, word clouds, infographics, QR codes were provided. For most of these resources, besides the graphic organizers, I have not had much experience with. This module gave me tons of new ideas to bring into my classroom.

Word Clouds

Below you can see a word cloud I created on ABCya. ABCya is one of my students’ favorite sites. Who knew there would be such a cool tool there for my visual learners!?

my_cloud (1).jpg

Creating word clouds is easy. All you have to do is copy and paste a paragraph into the generator and hit create then… your done! Or, you can type the words you want to use for the cloud into the generator! I created mine using a paragraph from my favorite web reading source, Reading Simplified.

How would I use this in my classroom? After reading 108 Ways, I’ve already come up with a way my students can use tool TOMORROW! I am going to have my students take their math multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction vocabulary words (All Subject list, #4)  and type them into the generator. Often, my students struggle with word problems and are unsure of knowing which operation to perform after the question is asked. The problems frequently have key vocabulary words such as sum, quotient, divisor, factors, product, etc. in them. If they knew which operation the vocabulary words belonged to, they could easily answer the question. Once the students are finished, we can hang them in to room or paste them into their math notes to refer to as needed!

Mind Mapping

The next tool I explored was bubbl.us. This resource is a mind mapping tool, or graphic organizer.

Here is an example I created to share with my third grade writing students:


These students are currently working on an expository writing piece about their special place. They are expected to write in 5 paragraphs. My class uses a 5 square graphic organizer that becomes difficult becomes difficult for my special education students. This is because many of them cannot fit their writing into the boxes or their handwriting is illegible. This is a perfect way for them to recreate the graphic organizer and use typing or speech-to-text software to get their ideas onto paper.

QR Codes

QR codes can be a lot of fun for kids! I would like to create an assignment where the students are able to use iPads to complete a research assignment with QR codes and have them visit various sites.

Here is a code that will link you to our school website:



Infographics are pretty much just as they sound. It is a way to create a poster, chart, or presentation with images in an appealing way. For my example, I used my third grade multiplication curriculum. My special education students really struggle with this new concept. They need many reminders and visuals in order to complete any task involving multiplication. Every year, my class makes posters with vocabulary terms and pictures to help them complete their math assignments. We hang them around my room so they can refer to them as needed. Below, you can see a picture of one of the charts we created just this week to hang in the room. The students come up with the ideas to put on it as they are learning.


When I played around with the info graphic sites, I thought it would be a perfect way to make our charts in a more visually appealing way. I used Piktochart to recreate it. My Piktochart could use a little more, but I made a quick one just for an example. I plan to recreate the rest of them in my room as well.


Here is a link to my classroom website where I have posted the chart for the students to refer to from home.


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